New Year Promises – It’s a start

As previously mentioned in New Year Intentions;
“I’m fat, I smoke, and I get distracted from exercising. So there we go three resolutions to start with; lose weight, quit smoking and exercise more.
I am unemployed, get easily bored and want to be a writer. I can donate my services to a free publication (if they’ll have me); I can apply for jobs that require content writing and proof-reading (already started on these).”
So far;
* I have started a diet programme. On this occasion, I am trying the 5:2 eating programme. It seems to work for me and the fasting days are quite easy as long as I have my daily tea intake (tea addict speaking).
*I have not quit smoking yet, I have cut down significantly but I think this has more to do with the weather (it’s bloody cold and we don’t smoke in the house) than any will power on my part.
*I have started two “30 day fitness challenges” for abs and butt. Mm mm lovely crunches and squats, they hurt me.
*I have been applying to jobs for content writers and such like but no responses yet. I have also volunteered my services to a couple of free local publications but, again, no response (I only emailed them three days ago).
Not a bad start to the year
I’m not going to diarise and rant about all of these things but when there is a significant milestone reached I will update. I will also update about abject failures too, I am not proud.
Actually, I am but I do try to avoid it when I can.

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