Ceremonial coil removal and starting a family

familyAfter a number of problems with my menstrual cycle and a pregnancy scare in my early twenties I was given a Mirena coil (slow release hormone infused) to help with my ridiculously heavy periods and because I couldn’t take the ‘pill’ due to medical reasons. I’ve had one in for the past ten years and I’m coming to the end of my second one, they last five years give or take a few months.
All in all I have been very happy with this arrangement, my period practically disappeared (woohoo!) and I very rarely had any emotional and hormonal issues. This is all good. As I’m coming to the ‘end of use’ for this one, when it comes time to have it taken out I’m not having it replaced, we will attempt to start a family.
Unfortunately my wonderful hubby has never known pre-coil me. This is a bad thing. He is supremely understanding and sweet and I love him beyond measure but I have no idea how he will feel about me when I do suffer the awful, emotional, hormonal tempest that is my Time of The Month (TOTM). I was awful, just think of ‘The Exorcist’ that was me without demonic possession. I was EVIL. My mother can corroborate. I can only think that I will be worse now because I have been mercifully free of it for a decade, I’m just not used to it.
As my coil is coming to the end of its hormone supply I’m starting to get the return of the evils it eliminated. I recently had my first period in three years and it was BAD, gut wrenching cramps in my lower back and abdomen, evil headaches and I was really snappy with the hubby. Doesn’t seem so bad but this was low on the scale of my previous experiences. Ah, J has so much to look forward to…
This is a big step for us now. I’m losing weight in order that I can be heathy for my child(ren), and I’m doing quite well, 20lbs down is nothing to be ashamed of but I still have 40-50 to go before I’m even approaching a healthy weight.

I’m scared. Completely terrified actually, but also looking forward to it.

The day I get my Mirena removed will be a very important day. Not in a “let’s get naked, NOW” kind of way but a very special, intimate and profound way. Crap, I made myself cry. Perhaps I’m still a little emotional.

My appointment for this ‘ceremony’ is on Monday. That gives me a week to get over the discomfort (having something pulled out of your cervix is just as uncomfortable as having something pushed in) and potential mess, before making a move on my hubby. That’s not to say there won’t plenty of “us” time before hand (no TMI, I’m not that bad), but he’ll be waiting a few days afterwards.

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