Christmas shopping

Xmas ShoppingI started my Christmas shopping this weekend just past and I had fun. While visiting my in-laws for the weekend J and I went to the Mall and a huge department store that carries practically everything you could possibly need. All the decorations lined the shelves and while I have promised myself I won’t buy anymore this year, I know that I will pick up a few pieces to “enhance” the décor that we bought last year. I bought two presents from a local gallery and I will thoroughly enjoy giving them to their respective recipients.

I love giving presents, especially when I know they will be well received. It was J’s birthday recently and I had wrapped his presents while he was at work, when he came home it was late (only an hour until midnight when it would officially be his birthday) and I couldn’t wait to give him his gifts. I handed over two before I’d even made him a cuppa.

Sometimes thinking of present ideas is so hard but at other times gift ideas come to mind so easily. This year gift ideas have been forthcoming and it’s far more exciting when you know that you are buying a gift that will be truly appreciated rather than buying randomly out of duty (but with no clue whether it will be used or discarded in the New Year).

How do you find a gift for someone who doesn’t know what they want? Plunge in and hope for the best, otherwise you just hope for inspiration.

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