Damn My Eyes!

glasses-collectionWhen is the time that you least want to have to shell out unexpected cash? That would be December, or at least within the same payday period as Christmas. I have had to spend over €60 on a new pair of specs and it is my fault. I have been promising myself I would find an optician since March but I kept putting it off and then last month the headaches started and fuzzy vision and to top it off, the migraines.

Now, I am within 2 weeks of Christmas, I have not finished my Christmas shopping and I need new glasses so that I can function, read or any of my other hobbies that all require the ability to see clearly.
I am growling I am so frustrated.

Why are specs so expensive? I worked in the optics industry for a while and I know exactly how much mark-up there is on a pair of lenses not to mention the frames.

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