Poor Vision – It’s expensive and has rubbish timing

Poor vision requires something to correct it. Whether that is glasses, contacts or surgery, it always costs money.

Poor Vision

Poor vision brings so many choices.

I have to wear glasses, my vision without them is terrible because I can barely distinguish facial features of people I’m speaking to directly. In the UK, I maintained a Westfield (a health cashback scheme)account, so that if I needed dental, optical or hospital care I would have the means to claim any unexpected outlay back, within a reasonable amount of time. That doesn’t work now because a) Westfield doesn’t operate outside the UK and b) there are no equivalent services available in Cyprus.

I had my “go-to” places for good deals in the UK, Specsavers and Vision Express usually had an offer of some description that allowed me to buy two pairs for roughly the same amount as a single pair. I don’t have those options anymore.

Poor vision, poor timing

The time that you least favour unexpected outlays of cash is usually a month when you have the most money already draining from your bank account. For us, this has to be December or at least the same payday month as Christmas. I have had to spend over €60 on a new pair of specs, and it is my fault. I promised myself I would find an optician since March, but I kept putting it off and then last month the headaches started and fuzzy vision and to top it off, the migraines.

Now, I am within two weeks of Christmas, I have not finished my Christmas shopping, and I need new glasses so that I can function, write, read or any of my other hobbies that all require the ability to see clearly.

The frustration is so bad that I’m growling

Why are specs so expensive? I worked in the optics industry for a while, and I know precisely how much mark-up there is on a pair of lenses not to mention the frames.

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