Procrastination and Perspiration – A never ending cycle


The cycle of getting into shape and then allowing that figure to become pear-shaped is the eternal swing of procrastination and perspiration. It works for everything else, too. Procrastinating about something until you actually get started, then burning out all of your motivation in one go.

I hate going to the gym. But I love being there. I love the endorphin high that comes from working out, but I really hate getting my arse into gear and actually going. I always find something far more interesting to do than get my gear together and walk to the gym.

When I do actually get myself together and go, I overcompensate and kill myself in an attempt to make up for all the missed sessions. I then end up unable to move for several days and the cycle of avoidance and procrastination starts again.

I feel fantastic after an intense workout; my Honey thinks I’m loopy. I get incredibly hyperactive and don’t stop talking for hours. Then the stiffness and pain set in and I’m useless for days. We’ll not even talk about my tendency toward injury.

I think “Today I will get my scribble on!” Then I will look at the dishwasher that needs emptying, the pile of laundry that is beginning to gather, the spread of my craft supplies that is threatening to overflow from my corner, and I’ll think, “I’ll just get these bits sorted first.”

And the cycle of avoidance starts again.

Why do so many of us spend our lives in this neverending cycle of putting things off, doing stuff to exhaustion, then burning out, just to start the process again?

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