Postal Blues and Belated Christmas Gifts

parcel failCyprus postal blues are the bane of my immigrant existence. It is a fact that the postal service over here is diabolically awful. Today I received an invitation to a wedding reception, posted in the UK on Monday 5th January. Not bad, you might think but we are still waiting for Christmas presents posted three weeks before the holidays, some of which should have been delivered, directly from Amazon.

My husband received his gifts from my family last Thursday, but we are still waiting for the ones from his sister and the ones for me from my family.

When I spoke to my family on Christmas Day I was okay with it; I just said it would make the Christmas feeling last longer. Now I’m getting mildly annoyed, the total of my Christmas gifts from my parents is a pack of four toothbrush heads for an electric toothbrush I haven’t received (and don’t know if I will at all because at least one gift was marked as undeliverable, my mother is yet to find out which one).

I really wanted to leave the tree up so that it would still feel Christmassy when we opened prezzies but Epiphany came and went, and the tree had to come down, some superstitions shouldn’t be ignored.
I know Christmas is not about gifts (ok I will admit I love buying and giving them as well as receiving) but knowing they are somewhere out there and taking their own sweet time about arriving is irritating.
The worst part is that, over here, the postman doesn’t deliver parcels to your door (unless they are arriving by courier); you get a slip of paper in your post box telling you that you have a package to collect.

I am grumpy; receiving a little something through the mail now might help to lift the January Blues.

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