Christmas Countdown- ers

Good grief! They have started already, all the people that start their countdown to Christmas before the shine has worn off the summer. It really annoys me.

I love Christmas, I really do, but I don’t want to know how many days are left, when I’m still basking in the brilliant sunshine and enjoying my life. Is life so unbearable to some people that they have to wish away half of their year looking forward to the Christmas festivities?

I will admit that I have already given serious consideration to my gift shopping this year, but that is because I need plenty of time to ensure those gifts make it back to the UK on time. I don’t obsess over the coming months about the number of ‘sleeps’.

I’m equally annoyed by the number of shops that begin their Christmas displays in October. Why can’t we just enjoy the latter half of the year, without the bombardment of commercialised crap being forced upon us from every direction?

Yes, Christmas may take some preparation, but there is no need to start four months in advance.

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