Morning Pages? I wrotned a peoem

 Before the moon existed before light was ever seen,
I loved you more than could ever be felt
And you made me your beloved queen

I hold you in my arms and pray
That you will love me evermore
Til there will be no other day

You hold me tight,
I hold you close,
We touch we burn fuse
Your heart and mine
We beat and throb
Our soul as one renews

My King, I’m with you through it all
I’ll never leave your side, With you
My Love, beyond all shadows, fall

Your soul is mine
and mine is yours
together we made three
Our love creates
A new soul born
Our all this boy will be

Ours forever, our spirits fly
through this world and the next
I’ll hold you close, safe from harm
Til all of time goes by

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