My Very Special Spouse

Spectacular SpouseI’m married to a lovely man and we’ve been together for seven and a half years, three and a bit of those years we’ve been married. For the sake of ease and maintaining his anonymity (it’s not fair to keep mine and expose him) I’ll just call him J.

He’s my other half and best friend (okay, he’s not quite replaced my sister but they both function as BFFs in their own ways). Only one person has ever brought home a venti latte, non-fat, with sugar-free hazelnut, on a whim, just as a surprise for me. Not for me the flowers or chocolates, I think I would be worried if he ever brought me either of those things.

He’s an ubergeek and also the person who looks after the security of this blog. Therefore, definitely no ranting about the spouse will happen on here, not least because he very rarely gives me cause.
Anyway, he’s my honey and I will talk about him in future posts just because of his importance in my life. For now, he’s just my supergeek hubby who spontaneously brings me coffee when he wants to do something nice for me. Altogether now… Ahhhhh.

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