My Sister, my Moomin

crazy sistersI love talking to my sister, infrequent as it may be, and love it when she can make the trip out here to visit. However, she is a little flaky and unable to organise her time well. It has taken three days to get a little face time with her. We talked about many things, and I would love to be able to see her more often, go out for a drink and have a giggle over a few bottles of wine.

I really do hope that she and her partner manage to come out here for a while. The current thinking is that they want to come out for a year to get their feet, but they will still have lives back in the UK to return to if they wish.

I am offering to do as much fact-finding for them as I can so that they do come out to us. It is very selfish of me, but I would like a little of my family to be around, particularly one with whom I get on so well.

My sister keeps me feeling young, as the younger sibling it’s probably expected, and she reminds me that I’m still a young woman with life in me that I’m allowing to slip through my fingers. She revives my youthful enthusiasm.

So I am now feeling happy, enthused and thoroughly determined to be as slender and as successful as possible before my sister arrives and makes me feel inferior.
I never said our relationship was perfect; she is tall, slender and pretty whereas I am…not.

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