A Very Good Day To You

good-day-sunshine-1Moreover, it is a good day for me. I have received a response from one of the free publications I emailed (result!) and they want to have a chat with me. I have reached my 1st mini target on my weight loss journey (if you are interested in that journey you can read more here at http://batttlingtheblubber.blogspot.com/ ) and I’m feeling really bouncy and happy, as evidenced by the manic bop round the kitchen to Elvis. I like it when I get these manic moments in life, I feel completely infused with joy and I want to spread it around. My husband, J, treats me like an over exuberant child but I know it makes him happy to see me so inspired.

I have no idea what causes it but I am not going to complain. I do complain when I have unexpectedly depressed times though. Perhaps I should try to take the rough with the smooth but I am not that magnanimous. Given that it is January and I am supposed to be suffering with the January Blues I am taking the ‘happy’ as it comes.

I suppose I ought to face the fact that wild mood swings are not the norm but I live with them and struggle through the times when I want to curl up and cry for an entire day. I love the highs but they make the lows so much lower, but then again doesn’t that make the highs so much more precious?
For now, I am taking the happiness and running with it, for as far as it will take me.

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