Comfort Baking – without the waistline increase

It’s the middle of summer and too hot to move, never mind cook, but I just want to bake. I want to make cakes, muffins, buns, bread and all sorts of exciting treats. I don’t really have any desire to eat them, I just want to bake. I’m creating different flavoured sponges, fillings and frostings.

This week has seen me making a lemon drizzle loaf, coconut fairy cakes, and cinnamon muffins. I have ideas for a lime-flavoured, layered sponge cake, with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and crushed raspberries. I also have an idea for a raspberry ripple muffin (J likes raspberries). I want to make passion cake, hazelnut biscotto, and focaccia. I wonder if you could make a savoury biscotto with cheese? I have so many recipes I want to try but I’m at risk of running out of neighbours to whom I can donate them.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have a sweet tooth and I like cakes, buns and other sticky, sweet treats. However, I’ve been doing well on my diet and I have no intention of jeopardising that success by sampling all of my creations.

I’m appearing a very nice neighbour and wife, most of the lemon loaf I sent to work with J, it disappeared so I assume it went down well. I gave muffins and fairy cakes to the neighbours and I discovered that the cinnamon muffins freeze rather well. I didn’t make many coconut fairy cakes because J hates coconut, so I wasn’t too worried about those.

The cinnamon muffins, without a filling or frosting, go very well with a good strong coffee. What do you think about making them with an orange flavoured frosting?

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