Angry Egalitarian Rant

It has been a dull couple of weeks for the website. I have things I could post, but nothing that really inspires me, at the moment. Actually, that might be a lie, I am angry. I posted an article about feminism this week and at roughly the same time, Helen Mirren decides that men shouldn’t put their arms around their partners’ shoulders and Ms. Proudman gets bitchy about a compliment.

I am getting mightily sick of the feminist crap that is clogging the news feed these days.

If half of the militant feminists get their way, I will put my arm around my husband’s shoulders, drag him around by the neck until he turns into a hunchback and then leave him because he’s no longer the man I married. Men will be vilified, labelled as misogynist, sexist and any number of unfair and inaccurate names, for having the gall to speak to a woman without her express permission.

Way back in the mists of history, a woman could not approach a man, with whom she wasn’t acquainted, else she be called ‘wanton’,’ hussy’ or’ loose’. Can we see the comparison? Now, a man cannot approach a woman with candour without being labelled ‘sexist’ or ‘misogynist’ (I think the media fem-promoters need a dictionary, they are closer to being misandrist than the men being misogynist).

Let’s also look at the school clothing issue for girls. By telling young women they should dress as dictated, to prevent distraction for the boys (and I assume teachers too), they are no better than the Middle Eastern Islamic despots insisting that the burka be worn.

Teacher: “You, girl in the jeans and long-sleeved, high-necked jumper, stop distracting that boy with your collarbones!”

Student: “My collarbones?”

Teacher: “Yes, your collarbones may inflame his hormones and distract him from learning. In fact, your womanly shape may also distract him, here’s a burka we confiscated from a Muslim because we don’t want terrorists able to hide their faces. Wear that and you will no longer be a distraction.”

Student: “But Sir/Miss, I’ll miss half of my lesson while changing.”

Teacher:“It’s your own fault, for dressing so provocatively, just be glad you get an education at all”

Here’s a thought, schools are a place of learning so, why not teach young men that women and their bodies (irrespective of their covering) are a woman’s domain, and hers only. Teach young women to have respect for their bodies and themselves and that they have a right to make choices based on their own thoughts. Teach them the difference between being treated like a possession and sharing affection. Teach the difference to the young men, too. I see little point in teaching the youth of our future that women are only ‘safe’ if they cover up, and that men are subject to their baser urges at the sight of a little bare flesh, unaccountable for their actions.

Women confuse me (and I am one).

In one breath, we rage and storm about men treating us like possessions or showing an interest in our appearance instead of our brains (even though we have an extremely flattering and professional picture taken to advertise our faces). In the next minute, we are forcing young, developing women into full body coverage so that the male brain can be enhanced at the expense of female dress choices.

Anyone else confused?

What will the future hold if we follow down this track? Highly educated men chained in supplication to their mistresses and reduced to chattel, but the women in burkas so as not to arouse the lusts of their pet male beasts. It is the nightmare culmination of the paths we’re following.

A bizarre mental image of the future,isn’t it?

NB I really wish I could draw because that would make a fab cartoon.

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