Black work in blue

I have a new project. We’ve recently been changing and creating colour schemes for the different rooms in our house (plain white is the basic colour scheme across the whole house and it’s become really boring). Our bedroom is blue, in various different shades, and I have started making cushions for the bed. As I’ve been giving blackwork a try I thought I’d try some blackwork techniques in blue. The pictures below are the original plan and the outline so far.

DSC_0091 DSC_0089[1]

I’ll do semi-regular updates with how this cushion is going and any stupid misakes I make along the way. Mistakes are pretty much guaranteed.


Update as of 09/12/2014

I’m not moving very quickly with this project at all due to recent problems with my sight but this is the progress so far.

DSC_0094It is unbelievably time-consuming but it will be pretty when it’s done.

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