Blackwork In Blue – revisited

After my last post, I have basically guilted myself into making some more progress on this projectDSC_0119 and I have. At the moment I’m still wondering what colour to use for the stamens in the middle. I’m thinking about a deep crimson, any thoughts?

I’m also thinking about the colour of the twisting vines whether to maintain the pale green or go a little darker. this will take some thinking about so don’t expect an update anytime soon unless I get some flash of inspiration.


I need to start my next project, which needs to be finished by the end of April, that will be a wedding gift for a very long time family friend. I’m not sure what to do. My initial idea was to do a full bedding set but that would have required a full YEAR to finish. Second idea was a large cushion (cover) but they have a small boy, still at the toddler stage,¬† so I think it would live most of it’s first few years¬† in a plastic bag. and then there is the last idea, something to hang on the wall but, unless it’s something supremely neutral, I run the risk of it not matching their decor. I’m stuck now. I’m still erring toward the cushion idea but twin it with some “weddingy” ivory bedding so that they can put it on their bed.


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