My First Writing Success

successDespite my love of reading and writing I only really attempted to write something when I was fourteen. I had long since discovered Harlequin romances (yes I know it’s not really appropriate reading for a young teen but I had already been banned from the library by this point). My first piece, that anyone ever read, was soft porn. I was fourteen with urges I had never acted on and an active and fertile imagination. It wasn’t meant to be read but it got out by accident and the rest, as they say, is history. It was well received and future writing was encouraged and requested by my peers. I know it’s not difficult to make a teenage boy horny but I still did it with my prose. Cash was even exchanged for personalised pieced. Result!
What happened to that impetus and joy in success? I have no idea. Perhaps I can rekindle it or perhaps it was just a brief shining moment and I hit my peak then. I really hope not. I’m sure I have a good few years in me yet to peak again.

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