De-hibernating, Hello Sunshine!

Hello SunshineAh, bliss! It is finally getting around to that time of year when I can wander outside without fear of frostbite, I can dry the laundry outside rather than it taking 3 days and still feeling mildly damp. I can sit with a cuppa and watch the world go by rather than skulking in the house with the fire on. I am feeling so much happier today than I have in months (about 3 months to be exact). When I’m happier I think better, I tend to stick with projects until completion and I’m generally better.

Unfortunately I took the ‘sitting in the sun’ part too far and I already have a touch of sunburn on my neck. Those Harry Potter books are just too darn gripping. I have now taken to putting sunscreen on first thing in the morning after I brush my teeth.

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