Grey Hair and Dyes

Grey hair and DyesI have dyed my hair for over two decades and have very little idea what colour my hair is naturally. For arguments sake we will say it’s a mousy blonde, hence the years of dying it.

Right now I am considering another drastic change in hue and while contemplating my new shade I have allowed my roots to make a solid appearance. I’m not happy. There is now a full-scale invasion of white strands marching along my parting and a touch of guerrilla warfare, giving me the ‘distinguished gentleman’ look, at my temples.

I’m terrified. I’m only in my early thirties, not yet a mother, and only married for three years. The steady invasion of white says only one thing to me and that is OLD. I’m not old, intellectually I know this but the fizzle of fear I get seeing these streaks of silver reminds me that life is not eternal and we have but a short time on earth to achieve our potential.

I will admit to a small amount of vanity, I have no problem with a full head of silver or white hair but the slow change from colour through the ‘salt & pepper’ stage just makes me think of slow decay.

Until I can rock a full head of silver tresses, I shall continue to colour my locks in whichever shade takes my fancy, to hell with acceptance of the aging processes. If a head of black streaked with pink and blue makes me feel youthful and vital I shall keep it.

My new mantra for the coming years; “Aging is a fact, growing old is a mentality”.

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