I wrote this for my Granddad. I still miss him so much.

Grandad-I-Miss-You (2)

A man so tall he touched the sky
I was the apple in his twinkling eye
My target when launching myself from the dog
Into his arms for a bone-crunching hug

A man so big in body and heart
I never saw a time he’d depart
His family expanded with more than just blood
An open home to all of his brood

A man of such breadth in body and soul
His essence now, will never grow cold
He loved to cook but none of it healthy
But in quality and flavour we were always wealthy

A man to whom family and friends were all
His home was opened should the occasion call
New Year and Christmas were customary visits
Packed to the rafters, no more would fit

A man who fed on the love of his family
Was enlivened by parties and they were lively
The drinks were provided and continued to flow
His joy in the gathering easy to know

As a woman now grown and starting my life
I brought forth a man who wished me for his wife
Into my heart, pure joy came crashing
When you whispered to me “I think he’s smashing”

The first Christmas you ever spent without us
Was the very time you felt right to leave us.
I still grieve now, it was six years ago,
And I still wear a skirt, Christmas Day, just to show
You are still here, in my heart and my mind.
Whatever came next I hope it was kind.
The memories you left me, the good and the sad
Will be passed on and cherished, forever, Granddad.
Love You xxx

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